Why don’t I just contact the officials and send an international express?

  1. Calling a customer service number, sometimes with a longer wait time, checking prices very high and ultimately inaccurate prices.

2. Checking official websites for prices is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the official published price you eventually find is not only ridiculously high, but you also have to pay an undetermined amount of additional fuel surcharges. In many prefecture-level cities, companies such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL use local agents for their services and operations. These agents collect the shipments and then forward them to official points for transshipment into the official network. Therefore, sending a shipment directly to a city with an official service actually reduces transit time. The agents charge for shipments either at the official published price or at a primary discounted price.

3.If official sales are contacted, they may also suggest sending the shipment to their site. However, they only serve corporate customers and require a large number of shipments to qualify for the more favorable discounted rates.

4. Once an account has been obtained, the actual shipment needs to be logged into the web-based system, step-by-step filling in the waybill information and preparing the export form invoice. In addition, it is also necessary to fill in the online declaration element information. With stable network speed and normal jumps, it takes 5-10 minutes to fill out the waybill skillfully and may take half an hour for the unskilled. In addition, price accounting requires self-calculation of discounts, checking zip codes in remote areas, and current fuel rates, which may take a few minutes to calculate and are often wrong (additional surcharges are only discovered at the end).

It is therefore wise to choose a trusted agent to deliver your shipment. They offer all-inclusive pricing, first access to waybills with only product information and shipping address, and discounted rates well below published rates.

For those engaged in foreign trade, time is money, especially since this method directly saves a great deal of money on shipping costs.


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