The Trend of Import of China&Logistics from China

Latest Market

Near Christmas, the goods exported from China by sea shipment had been arranged almost, and air and sea freight rates from December began to fall, but the Red Sea because of the Houthi interference, resulting in the shipping company to stop or rerouted, coupled with the Panama Canal’s water level problems and congestion, from China to Europe and the United States of America’s freight rates are again raised, and the space is very tense.

Bulk to door and express

Bulk to the door by the headway air-sea transportation cost rise, the offer will rise a little.
At present, express large shipments in China before the Chinese New Year, is still at a high level, UPS, Fedex on China’s local accounts in Europe and the United States outbound shipments have a daily average weight limit. Other directions, imports, and small parcels do not have much restriction.
UPS, Fedex, and DHL 2024 published prices and surcharges have all increased by 3-5%.
UPS has changed the surcharge for shipments over 32kg per package to 25kg package from China.