The fastest way to ship from China to Japan

China is very close to Japan, and China is one of Japan’s largest trading partners all year round.

There are many ways to ship bulk cargo from China to Japan door-to-door, the price is from high to low, and the time limit is from fast to slow: international express, air transportation to the door, and sea transportation door-to-door.

We know that goods shipped directly from China to Japan when the customs clearance needs to be Japan’s local importer or importer information, the goods need to declare the payment of customs duties and consumption tax.

Here to introduce the expressway, relative to the local Japanese express discounts, you can also compare the independent official account of the Chinese freight forwarders, which can provide better discounts, as well as better than the official direct door-to-door pickup service, to find Japan’s FedEx, UPS, DHL prices will be cheaper, and even cheaper than the price of Japan’s certain freight forwarding companies will be lower than the price will be more than 40%.

Express choice of UPS, FedEx, etc., from door-to-door pickup to Japan delivery time in 3-6 days.

At present, the delivery service from China to Japan also has a price including tax, compared with traditional trade logistics, it is more simple and favorable to account for the cost.


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