Railway CN to EU

The China-Europe Class Train (English name: “CHINA RAILWAY Express”, abbreviation: “CR Express”) is organized by China Railway Corporation and operates according to the fixed number of trains, routes, schedules, and full operating hours. 

China-Europe shuttle train between China and Europe and the countries along the Belt and Road container international railroad intermodal transport train. The three channels of China-European Liner operation in the west and the middle east have been laid out: the western channel from the central and western parts of the country via Alashankou (Horgos), the central channel from the northern part of the country via Erenhot, and the eastern channel from the northeastern part of China via Manzhouli (Suifenhe).

Here are the advantages of the China-Europe Railway Express (also known as the China-Europe freight trains):

  1. Speed and Reliability: Compared to traditional sea freight and land transportation, the China-Europe trains offer faster delivery. They are typically several weeks faster than sea freight, and the transportation time is more reliable and consistent compared to shipping goods by sea or truck.

  2. Flexibility: The China-Europe trains provide a middle-ground option between sea freight and air freight. For businesses that require faster delivery but want to avoid the high costs of air transportation, the China-Europe trains are a good choice. They can also transport various types of cargo, including standard goods, hazardous materials, and refrigerated goods.

  3. Cost-effectiveness: Although the China-Europe trains are more expensive than sea freight, they are more cost-effective compared to air freight. The trains offer an affordable option, especially for businesses that have certain speed requirements but are cost-sensitive.

  4. Support for International Trade: The China-Europe trains facilitate trade between China and Europe. They provide a faster and more reliable freight option for businesses in both regions, contributing to strengthened economic cooperation.

  5. Convenient Cross-border Transportation: The China-Europe trains offer convenient cross-border freight services. Goods can be transported directly from mainland China to various destinations in Europe, avoiding the complexities and delays associated with transshipment in sea or air transportation.

  6. Promotes Regional Development: The development of the China-Europe trains also promotes economic growth in mainland China and the regions along the railway route in Europe. They bring more business opportunities and investments, contribute to improvements in logistics and transportation infrastructure, and stimulate employment growth in the regions along the route.

It’s worth noting that the China-Europe trains still face challenges such as complex cross-border procedures, transportation capacity limitations, and differing transportation standards and regulations between countries. However, with the expansion and continuous improvement of the China-Europe train network, they are playing an increasingly important role in freight transportation between China and Europe.