B2B Logistics

In international B2B trade, usually, the buyer will order some small samples from the supplier at the initial stage, and the samples can usually be shipped by international courier.
Cozyshipping can provide express shipping service from China to over 220 countries or regions with good discounts.
We can arrange the supplier’s shipment?
When B2B trade is shipping, usually the volume of a single shipment is relatively large, so it is often shipped by sea, at this time you can find a local international logistics service provider to provide door-to-door service, or you can let Cozyshipping to provide a supplier to the port of entry in China or the port of destination.
Airfreight can also be used for urgent or small quantities.
Cozyshipping can provide services within China or internationally.
Port to Port(CY to CY)

Provide cargo name, approximate weight, container type and quantity, approximate time of shipment, port of shipment and port of destination.

For situations where need pickup

Cargo originating address, cargo weight, package type and quantity. Cabinet type and quantity.

For cases where a customs declaration is required

Proforma invoice, packing list, declaration elements (name, material and purpose, quantity, amount, HS code and other requirements)