Is it cheaper to send express mail from China to the U.S. than it is to send domestic express packages?

I believe we have seen a lot of international logistics price copy are particularly outrageous, such as 10kg = 38RMB a slogan. What, from China to send 10kg of items to the United States destination flat down 1kg as long as 3 yuan 8 freight!

To know in China to send a courier (such as SF) express across the province 10kg, maybe more than 38 yuan. From China to the United States, but also a local courier to deliver goods to the door for as long as 38 yuan RMB, this is possible?

The answer is completely possible, in the special market background and premise, the traditional freight market, and even subsidized freight transportation. But for private goods, Europe and the United States flow to the ultra-low price is several prerequisite restrictions, otherwise, it is the freight forwarder’s loss of money to earn yell. (But for private pieces will not do so)

This ultra-low price, generally from the warehouse of the freight forwarder starts counting the billing, followed by a specific mode of transportation and to a specific address. For example, this year in the U.S. Amazon’s warehouses, through the ship plus truck delivery can do more than 2 single kg selling price. Freight forwarders through the collection of goods, plus the whole container truck delivery distribution, equalized to a single kg sold to the outside world will still not lose.

So a lot of ultra-low price publicity is not false, but the need for specific conditions, so do not meet the conditions of the shipment demand contacted, but also tap into a potential demand, as in the past, the real estate platform or used car platforms in the advertisement hanging out below the market price, and asked often that suite/car has been sold, and there. It’s something to look at, isn’t it?

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