How to send international express from Wuhan more cost-effective?

Wuhan, as a megacity in central China, is located in the geographical advantage of nine provinces, making it the center of domestic logistics and express delivery, so it is extremely convenient to send domestic logistics and express delivery.

However, Wuhan has no significant advantage in terms of local options and timeliness for sending international expresses. The main international express service providers in Wuhan are UPS, DHL, and FedEx. However, these companies do not have direct flights to international destinations in Wuhan and therefore require transshipment to the port city after receiving the shipment in order to arrange delivery. Nonetheless, the advantage of local shipment of international express in Wuhan is that the shipment can be tracked on the same day of receipt and put online.

However, the disadvantage is also obvious: when individuals or overseas companies contact the official channels directly, they can often only get the published price plus fuel and other surcharges, resulting in expensive shipping costs. Even when official discounts are sometimes offered, they often do not significantly reduce shipping costs.

In addition, official door-to-door pickups can involve hours of waiting and tedious procedures such as real-name authentication.

Even for those in Wuhan, such as those engaged in foreign trade or companies that need to send samples, it is difficult to get better-discounted prices due to limited daily shipments. Even if you can apply for preferential discounts in certain areas, such as frequently sending to Europe and the United States, when you suddenly need to send to countries such as Peru, the shipping cost will still be very high. Overseas companies arrange to ship from Wuhan’s neighborhood, and other cities in Hubei Province, and the officials often do not provide direct door-to-door pickup service either, or charge expensive surcharges for remote areas.

In Wuhan, you can look for professional shipping companies to send international express. We can provide door-to-door pickup service and give suggestions for package optimization. We can ship directly from Wuhan and provide the waybill number and official website search information on the same day.

Of course, we can also provide richer shipping solutions according to the type of goods and the time requirement, such as goods to North America, the freight cost can be as low as less than 10 RMB/kg.

Compared with the official channels, the cost of using these professional shipping companies to send small items such as documents may only cost a few hundred dollars, thus saving one or two hundred dollars. In addition, they also provide insurance services.

These companies offer a wide range of services, including delivery to the Americas (3-4 business days to arrive), Europe and Asia Pacific (4-5 business days to arrive), and even places like South America and Africa.

We have our own UPS, Fedex, and DHL accounts in Wuhan, which can provide local pickup and same-day access to Wuhan internet information without having to forward the goods to other cities in China. We also provide packing and shipping advice to help you save money.


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