How to get China factory samples at lower cost and easier.

   When doing foreign trade business with China, you will often face the step of needing samples from suppliers. Some samples are of low value and small, and you can receive the samples completely free of charge. However, many Chinese foreign trade companies or factories may not provide samples completely free of charge. Even if the sample is free, you need to bear the international shipping costs. In most cases of sending samples by international courier, you provide an account number of your own courier to the shipper to send, using the form of cash on delivery. The shipping costs and possible taxes will then be charged directly by the courier company or reflected in the bill.
  Sometimes you can even place a remote order and have the courier company in the shipper’s country collect it directly using import control.
But in the above process is usually not so smooth:
1, most Chinese factories are not located in the urban areas of large cities, but in remote suburbs, or some small cities. At present, UPS, Fedex, DHL only in some of China’s major cities with their own service outlets, if the direct pickup order, the courier company’s customer service can only transfer the order information to these courier companies in the non-directly operated areas of the service agent, or even direct order failure. The service agent is generally refuses to take to pay for the piece, because this kind of piece basically no profit, there is also a situation is which this pickup may promote the remote area fee, which will make the cost of express delivery much higher.
2, the seller wants to find a way to transfer the pieces to UPS, FedEx or DHL, the shipment can eventually arrive at the place you specified. But the final cost you can not predict in advance, when you receive the bill from the courier company found that the weight of the goods and surcharges and other costs are much higher than you expected. Because the seller sends the goods to the billing number, they do not care so much about saving the cost of a courier, especially since the volume of the goods is much larger than the actual weight of the goods. And the discounts you get for courier services in your home country aren’t covered very well.
Here’s an example: in 2019 a Chinese auto parts factory sent a ticket of pallets by courier to a company in Germany, the German company has a good courier discount, but this discount does not cover the pallet type of goods, and ultimately the German recipient received a bill that was several times higher than expected.
3, looking for the seller first prepaid, the seller will be successive periods of time for you to pay separate transportation costs or included in the back of the payment. It is possible that the factory or the seller may raise this part of the cost.
The reality is: that paying from China is likely to cost less than paying with your own import account. Local Chinese logistics are well developed and they operate more flexibly. This provides another solution to the problem of shipping samples or documents: find a reliable company to get a quote and do all the follow-up.
In addition to discounts from major international courier companies, they also have a variety of local logistics channels in China, as well as international air or sea freight resources, in addition to providing a variety of flexible transportation options, but also can provide declaration, shipping advice, and even tax services.


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