How many pieces can I send to one address at one time by one express shipment(one order)?

The answer is an address how many pieces of a ticket can be~ almost no limit
Many friends usually do not send many couriers, the impression of international express delivery is the kind of single small parcels, the top stick a waybill.
Suppose I send a friend two pieces at a time, it is necessary to send two orders.

This is a great misunderstanding of the international courier service, the actual real international courier service is definitely not only for small pieces of transportation services.

As an important shipping method in international logistics, international express delivery can undertake a lot of different needs of goods transport, its biggest feature is of course – fast, and the whole process of waybill number visualization and tracking.

International Express can undertake to an address of a number of shipments, as an order to deal with, every single piece will have a waybill number, and one of the main waybill numbers of this “order”, usually tracking the main waybill number to track, and each other sub-order number in each transportation node will also be scanned, can also be tracked separately to get the transportation track. The other sub-order numbers will also be scanned at each transportation node and can be tracked individually.

So as long as the same delivery address, you can even send hundreds of pieces at a time, and bill the accumulated weight as the weight of one order. This is lower than the cost of dispersing multiple orders, less risky, and better management, of course, the weight or amount of money to reach the standard is required to export the official declaration, so a lot of formal trade, for the time requirements of the international shipments, will choose the expressway out of the shipment.

Of course, a vote for more than one piece only applies to carton packaging, pak bags and document packaging are not applicable.


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