Express from China with prepaid

Arranging express delivery directly from and to China.

Express is the fastest and most guaranteed mode of international transportation, suitable for goods with high requirements for time efficiency.
We have special accounts for UPS, FedEx, DHL, DPD, and other international head courier companies, often at a much better price than the published price, in addition, we deal with the official courier can not deal with such as remote pickup, charged products and other issues.
In addition, if you have items that need to be sent to China, we can provide freight collection by consignee.

International courier services for shipments from China

Who are we and what can we offer?


We are not a courier company, we are the China agent of international courier companies, we have the own account of China UPS,DHL,Fedex and other international courier companies, we can provide local scanning online in major cities in China, and provide additional services such as pickup, document production, forwarding, shipping advice, packaging and so on.

We have former managers and employees from UPS, Fedex, and DHL on our team, who know the details and processes of China international express services very well.
What you need to do?


Just Tell us the name of your shipment, the approximate weight, and the country of destination.

  • About Express Fees from China

    The international express cost is the premium discounted price on the published price of express delivery in China. For details, please click.

  • About the zoning

    For information on zoning, pallet sizes, surcharges, etc. For details, Please click .

  • About handle process

    When you have a specific shipment to transport, we offer door-to-door service. For details, please click.