Don’t have too high expectations for air dispatches

Don’t have too high expectations for air dispatches

First of all, what is air dispatch service? Due to the rise of cross-border e-commerce, the products of air dispatch are also popular in the outbound transportation market of mainland China in the first few years, especially the air tax package. That is, after the collection of goods, after the goods are assigned to the traditional air transportation, booked to a specific flight space, port to port transportation, and then split the board to pick up the tail end of the delivery service, the logistics provider in the middle of the customs clearance bank will look for declarations, will be covered by the tax to the total shipping costs.

Air dispatch and the current market is the most used mode of transportation sea dispatch is similar, but why I would say do not have too high expectations of air dispatch.
Because a lot of people who do not know about international logistics, there are some cognitive misunderstandings about this mode of transportation of the air faction.

Misunderstanding: air cargo is sent directly to the airport, and then on the plane, within 1 day to fly to the global airport, and then unloading transshipment to the destination.

The time limit for air cargo transportation

First of all, look at the time, airmail for shipping is cut into the middle of the courier and shipping (railroad, trucking) a product, that is, the time is faster than shipping and railroads, (the theory is generally faster than 10-20 days), but the price is cheaper than the courier, the most important thing is that you can provide tax service options. But let’s look at the time limit
Goods from China domestic transfer to the collection warehouse (1-2 days), then the collection of transshipment to the airport, customs clearance, and wait for the flight (2-4 days) , flight time, 1 day for direct flights, 1-5 days for connecting flights. Landing customs clearance pickup (2-4 days), tail pickup delivery (2-4 days). This normal air dispatch is often more than 10 days, even more than half a month is also very common situation. This does not include the possibility of flight delays, inspection, etc., if there are abnormalities, that may be out of the time limit for ocean freight. No wonder some freight forwarders in the market do use the price of air dispatch to collect the goods, and finally allocate to the sea freight or railroad, truck transfer mode, but there are also arrangements for air transportation, but the time limit is delayed in the case of occurrence.

The safety of air dispatch
Second look at the security: air cargo, is a different cargo board, as a bill of lading to declare and customs clearance. At present, in Europe and the United States, the investigation and punishment of underreporting and tax evasion have increased, so there is a certain probability of encountering problems. Correspondingly, the advance declaration of the shipped goods can not be concealed, there are freight forwarders who receive the goods, because the client gave the name of the product information is wrong, resulting in the whole ticket in the foreign country by the inspection, will be penalized to the foreign customs clearance agent, which has a fine. Therefore, now the freight forwarder will also set the terms of penalty to the principal in this case.

The price advantages and disadvantages of air transportation
Then the price, the price of air transportation by the supply and demand, cargo type (heavy cargo or volume cargo) and the flight of the receipt of the fluctuation of the situation is more obvious. Off-season prices to Europe and the United States can still be in the sea and express between, but during the peak season, the price of air dispatch will often be higher than the express. In addition, for many products, airmail will have product surcharges, for delivery to addresses other than FBA warehouses, there will be additional delivery surcharges.
In the price of the class, the courier will also have some surcharges but are extracted with a clear price tag corresponding to a variety of circumstances, only triggered to produce. In addition to the air distribution will have some circumstances before the transportation of the surcharge details, to the tail end of the process of various conditions, such as the need for a second delivery, the need to pick up the overseas warehouse, will often suddenly appear overseas randomly reported additional costs.

Air service advantages and disadvantages

Air transport itself relative to the courier has some uncertainty, both services are by plane international transportation, but the courier flights are fixed, almost every day, each transit node is fixed, and there will be scanning information, so you can check a single number in the end, the problem can be known in which part of the problem, are official as a window to give service. While the air send booked flight is a month a day a clear schedule, need to collect goods, and customs clearance to catch up with that phase of the flight, the flight itself may be delayed, may be due to the burst of pulling goods to line up other flights, if the air flight is not direct, in the transfer of the same will be faced with delays and waiting for the problem. In addition, in the tail end of the delivery to go through the overseas warehouse service provider and the tail account service provider transit, basically, the headway service provider and they have a cooperative relationship, if the problem is encountered, the middle of the articulation and feedback efficiency is often not high.

What is the suitable situation for air dispatch?
For B2B trade bulk cargo transportation, the air faction does have the advantage of air faction, relative to the traditional port-to-port air transportation of small quantities of goods, the starting weight requirements of air faction are lower, and the price of air transportation to the door, than the bulk cargo port-to-port and then look for the local tail delivery to add up to the total cost of lower, especially with tax.

In short, air dispatch is still mainly for the development of e-commerce goods into overseas warehouses out of the service mode. For the traditional trade of bulk cargo or personal belongings, need to choose as appropriate, but the actual is the time limit and risk to be expected.

If the volume of goods is small and can be sent express, fewer goods and products are not high value, the amount declared is not high, in the destination country often does not produce too high taxes. Of course, although the high value of the product may generate taxes, but the relative degree of security of express transportation is also higher.


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