Case of shipping from China

Take Express from China

Trading company A has selected a supplier from China to support the development of a new consumer product and has asked a factory to send follow-up samples to determine quality in order to move the project forward. Company A gave the factory its UPS account number, only to be told by the factory that UPS was unable to provide pickup service in China and that the time frame was taking longer than expected. The factory found a channel to deliver the shipment to UPS, only to have the final courier bill show a much higher amount than expected.


The second time to send samples, the factory pushed Cozyshipping Company in China to Company A. Cozyshipping Company directly quoted UPS, Fedex, DHL express prices and time limit to Company A. In the end, they still suggested UPS, arranged to pick up the shipment from the factory, provided the international waybill number and helped to follow up on the tracking, and Company A gave a lower than expected courier fee to Cozyshipping, and promptly sent it to Cozyshipping. Cozyshipping, and received the goods in time.

Ship FBA from China

Anna Liu is a Chinese woman who immigrated to the U.S. She started engaging in Amazon online sales three years ago, and her main products are calligraphy products, ink, rice paper, etc. These products need to be sourced from China and then shipped to the U.S. to the Amazon FBA warehouse. Undoubtedly, these products need to be purchased from China and sent to the United States to the Amazon FBA warehouse.

The normal process is to purchase the goods through friends or suppliers in China and have them sent to your home in the U.S. Then, you would check the goods, replace the outer packaging, label the SKUs, and the outer box with FBA labels. Afterward, you would call the local logistics company or courier company to pick up the goods and send them to the FBA warehouse.

However, Anna’s practice is different. She doesn’t have the suppliers (factories or traders) directly send the goods to her home or handle the process themselves. Instead, she looks for China’s cross-border freight forwarders to ship the products to FBA.

Because of this, the shipping quotes provided by suppliers are often high, and the factories are really busy and have limited knowledge about Amazon’s packaging and labeling requirements, which can lead to errors.

Anna contacted Cozyshipping and directly sent them a sheet of shipment information, the FBA warehouse address, and an electronic copy of the SKU label generated by the backend. Cozyshipping arranged to go to the factory to pick up the goods and complete the classification of all products, SKU labeling, and packaging at the warehouse in China. They provided very professional packaging improvements to help the seller save transportation costs and improve the security of transportation. Additionally, Cozyshow helped the seller with transportation insurance, ensuring the entire value of the goods until they reach Amazon’s shelves. The most critical thing is that Cozyshipping made different shipping programs for seller Anna. For example, they arranged to speed up the time limit of listing tests for one box of new products, using international express for delivery within 2-3 working days. The rest of the replenishment products were scheduled for door-to-door ocean freight delivery, including customs clearance and tax payment, which helped save costs.


Essentials of shipping FBA in the Americas


1. Sourcing from China: The main products, such as calligraphy products, ink, and rice paper, need to be sourced from China for shipment to the U.S. Amazon FBA warehouse.


2. Packaging and Labeling: Sellers are responsible for checking the goods, replacing outer packaging, and labeling SKUs and outer boxes with FBA labels to meet Amazon’s requirements.


3. Shipping Logistics: The usual process involves purchasing goods in China, sending them to the seller’s home in the U.S., and then arranging local logistics companies or courier services to pick up and transport the products to the FBA warehouse.


4. Cross-border Freight Forwarders: Alternatively, sellers can use cross-border freight forwarders like COZYSHIPPING to handle the shipping process directly from China to the FBA warehouse in the U.S.


The benefits of using Cozyshipping


1. Professional Services: COZYSHIPPING provides professional packaging improvements, ensuring goods are well-protected during transportation and helping sellers save on shipping costs.


2. Classification and Labeling: COZYSHIPPING completes the classification of products, SKU labeling, and packaging at their warehouse in China, relieving sellers of this task and reducing the risk of errors.


3. Transportation Insurance: COZYSHIPPING offers transportation insurance, guaranteeing the value of goods until they are received on Amazon’s shelves, providing peace of mind for sellers.


4. Customized Shipping Programs: COZYSHIPPING creates tailored shipping programs for sellers, offering options like international express for new products to speed up listing tests and door-to-door ocean freight delivery for replenishment products, saving costs in the process.

The process of FOB (Free On Board) shipping:


1. The seller delivers the goods to the designated loading port (usually a port in China) and arranges for shipment.


2. The seller is responsible for handling the export customs clearance procedures and relevant documents.


3. Once the goods are loaded onto the ship, the responsibility transfers from the seller to the buyer.


4. The buyer bears the risk and cost of loss or damage to the goods during transportation.


5. The seller is responsible for providing the buyer with an export loading notice, a bill of lading, and other necessary transport documents.


If you want to do FOB shipping from China and find a Chinese freight forwarder to provide services, you can follow these steps:


1. Conduct an online search or refer to trade directories to find reputable freight forwarding companies.


2. Contact these freight forwarders to inquire about their services, pricing, and transportation options.


3. Choose a suitable freight forwarding company based on their experience, professionalism, and customer reviews.


4. Sign a contract with the selected freight forwarder, clearly defining the responsibilities and obligations of both parties.


5. Before shipment, communicate with the freight forwarder and provide detailed information about the goods, including quantity, dimensions, weight, etc.


6. Ensure that the freight forwarder handles all necessary export customs clearance procedures and documents to ensure a smooth shipment.


When selecting a freight forwarder, it is essential to conduct thorough research and consultations to ensure that the chosen agent can provide reliable services, ensuring that your goods reach their destination safely and on time.

Arranging express delivery from China to other countries

How do I arrange to send a courier back home from China from overseas?


First, the reason for arranging to send a courier back to China from overseas in China. Own or friends/customers have items to send to China, can be overseas to contact the local UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc., and pay for the items to be sent to the overseas courier company, but may come across two situations: in the absence of a company account, the foreign prepaid shipping costs are likely to be much higher than the cost of shipping costs need to be paid by the domestic arrangement of the international courier. Another, sending back the item’s payment obligations at home, embarrassed to let overseas friends or customers advance payment, is also unreasonable.


Second, how to operate, the specific process.


1, looking for own international express account, and has a better import price than the company’s consulting price. Provide cargo information, sender and recipient address.

2, the domestic will be based on information issued by the international express waybill and import invoice, the consignee will be the waybill and invoice to the consignor.

3, the overseas consignor calls the local courier company to order an appointment to pick up the goods. (Domestic system out of the waybill can also be directly booked overseas pickup, but the success rate of the work and the two sides happen to meet the problem of time, it is recommended that overseas direct order)


4, tracking waybill number, domestic port customs clearance (according to the goods, may be required to provide additional information or pay taxes)


5, receipt of goods (the overall time limit, in Europe and the United States from pickup to domestic delivery can be about a week)

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