American Home Traders Arranges International Express from China

For Jack, an American trader, finding the right Chinese factory and successfully obtaining samples has always been a challenge. That is, until he met us, a professional China-based international logistics company.

Jack’s company specializes in high-end furniture imports, and he had been looking for Chinese manufacturers who could provide unique designs and high-quality furniture. After some market research, he finally locked in a few potential partners. However, how to safely and quickly transport these samples from China to his showroom in California became another challenge.

That’s when he found us through an industry referral. Our Marketing Manager, Ming Li, was given the task and he understood the importance of this cooperation. After understanding Jack’s needs in detail, cozyshipping acted quickly. He first contacted several reputable Chinese home furnishings manufacturers to confirm the specifications and weight of the samples, which totaled about 200 kg. He then carefully planned a logistics route, choosing international express delivery as the mode of transportation to ensure that the samples could be delivered quickly and safely.

During the preparation of the shipment, Li Ming maintained close communication with the manufacturer to ensure that the packaging of the samples complied with international transportation standards and could withstand the various risks involved in the long journey. At the same time, he provided Jack with a detailed logistics tracking service so that he could know in real time where the samples were and when they were expected to arrive.

After several days of intense preparation, the samples were finally ready. Under Li Ming’s supervision, the goods were safely delivered on the international express flight to the US. Through our online platform, Jack witnessed the samples traveling from the factory in China, across the Pacific Ocean, and finally arriving at his showroom in California.

When Jack opened the beautifully packaged sample box and saw the exquisite home accessories, he had a satisfied smile on his face. He knew that this successful sample shipment not only brought potential business opportunities for his company but also proved the professionalism and reliability of our logistics company.

The story soon spread among traders and our reputation soared. For European and American traders who, like Jack, need to source goods from China, we are not only a logistics service provider, but also a trustworthy partner. We improve domestic pickup and forwarding in China and give advice on the most suitable transportation, using our own international courier account to give lower discounts than those given overseas. Our goal is to help every customer, no matter how unique their needs are, find the most suitable solution to make global trade easier and more efficient.


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