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About Us

We Are Leading International Company In China

  • Cozyshipping  was established in 2016 under Lancelot tech in China and we focus on providing shipping and customs clearance services for exports and imports from China.  The initial team members came from UPS, Fedex and other top tier freight forwarding companies, with over 10 years of experience in international logistics.  We already have UK,DE,US,JP local branch warehouse &dispatch operation. We would like offer service for customers from CN directly, offer better quote, and service.
  • We have rich experience in local operations and transportation resources to meet your requirements for low-cost and safe transportation in ChinaWe also have contract rates for the international segment for various channels.



Port to Port, anywhere pickup in China to basic port worldwide,OA boat alliance long-term contracts to guarantee space and time, we also offer service in destination. There is a tax inclusive service , one quote with all in price, you do not need to pay destination tax.

Air and express

Famous Airlines available for port to port or door to door with from 21kg(46poud) shipments. Express and small package service also with short time in transit, start from 0.1kg(3.5oz)

Railway to EU

Railway to EU and RU, FCL, LCL, also door to door service offered.

Warehouse operation ,packaging and labeling

Pick up and transit service in China and destination country ,Customs clearance for export and import, also handle for your e-commerce packages , labeling , return, fulfillment.


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Joe Chen

Express and Air consult

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cozy import from CN, VN

Not only rate,better solution for you.

We provide more suitable and flexible operation suggestions for your reference according to the market situation and cargo condition.

Office in China and OP center

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In the realm of international logistics in China, there was an ambitious young entrepreneur named JoJo. With 7 years of experience working at UPS, JoJo had accumulated a wealth of knowledge in logistics and held a deep interest in the internet and technology.

During a business conference, JoJo encountered Tony, an elite professional from another international logistics company. They collaborated on a project for an international client, who was facing complex logistics challenges. JoJo and Tony worked seamlessly together, putting their efforts into solving the problem and providing exceptional service to the client.

This collaboration not only earned JoJo and Tony mutual respect but also sparked their entrepreneurial ambitions. They began discussing how to create a unique company in the field of international logistics.

JoJo and Tony decided to establish a company called “CozyShipping.” Their entrepreneurial vision was to directly connect international logistics providers and clients, offering superior services in China and linking suitable international service resources.

They recognized the potential and demands of the Chinese market while understanding the challenges many international logistics companies faced when cooperating with local Chinese enterprises, such as language barriers, cultural differences, and information asymmetry. To address these issues, they decided to leverage the power of the internet and technology, constructing an efficient and convenient platform that would directly connect international logistics providers and clients.

The core value of CozyShipping was to provide a one-stop solution for international logistics, helping clients reduce costs and improve efficiency. Through the platform’s features, such as online inquiries, order management, and real-time tracking, customers could easily communicate with logistics providers and achieve full visibility throughout the entire logistics process.

Furthermore, CozyShipping established close partnerships with several high-quality international logistics collaborators, ensuring that clients had access to the best service resources. They established their own branch offices in major logistics hubs in China, utilizing local resources and professional teams to provide personalized and specialized services to clients.

JoJo and Tony had great confidence in CozyShipping. They believed that through an innovative business model and superior services, they could stand out in the Chinese international logistics market. They firmly believed that only through close cooperation with international logistics providers and clients, working together to optimize and upgrade the entire supply chain, could they achieve more efficient and sustainable logistics services.

Today, CozyShipping has become a rising star in the Chinese international logistics field, attracting the attention and collaboration of numerous international clients and logistics providers. JoJo and Tony’s entrepreneurial story is not only a successful case but also serves as an exemplar of innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Their dream has injected new vitality and opportunities into the Chinese international logistics industry.

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